Allameh Hafezian’s Life in Accordance with the Sermon No.193 in Nahj-al-Balaqe. The Pious Men

Hakimeh Dabiran, Ph.D. Professor of Persian Literature

in Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran


In the Indian Sub-Continent, there were some great mystic Iranian figures who have contributed to the promotion of public awareness about the holy religion of Islam

Allameh Sayed Abolhasan Hafezian helped Kashmirians purely in several aspects, and converted some of Indians to Islam. His good works for them were such as building a mosque in Srinagar of Kashmir, building a platform in Sofipoora to show the people the direction of keblah (Kaaba), encouraging them to learn by bringing paper, note book, pen and pencil, as gifts for their children besides teaching them

In a visit to Kashmir and Delhi I realized his high status and popularity among those people; I think this was due to comprehensiveness of the principles of his thought including good behavior, commitment and specially his virtue. In this article, I want to show some of his distinctions which have been said in Nahj-al-Balaqe by Imam Ali a.s

As supported by the existing works and his poems, Allameh Hafezian was a pious man and God-fearing. He spoke truthfully and rightly. His way of living was based upon moderation, and his way of dealing with other people was founded on goodwill and modesty

This issue points out his good attention to Nahj-al-Balaqe by thinking deeply and trying to do well according to what Imam Ali(a.s) had described about God-fearing people

Having read The Preserved Tablet (Lohe Mahfouz), I got to know his great personality and felt enthusiastic towards learning more about his knowledge

Jonnat-ol-Asma is his other book which he has written on the character and speechesof Imam Ali a.s

Key Words: Allameh Hafezian, The pious men, Comparing with Nahj-al-Balaqe

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